Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mermaids: The Body Found

      Last night, as I was watching some random videos on Youtube, I found a documentary from Animal Planet that is very very interesting. I stronly recommend all of you to watch it. The documentary is about "the blue bloop" which scientists assume that it is the sound of the conversations of mermaids. The documentary has eight parts. If you have time, I strongly recommend you to watch it. It is very cool and mystery.
      I've never wonder about the whether mermaids really exist or not because I believed that they were fairy tales. However, after watching this documentary, it makes me starts to believe that mermaids really do exist. Even though at the beginning of the film, it says that this ducumentary is just a science prediction, not necessairly real, I still think that it is real after watch it. How cool is it that mermaids really do exist?! Please, join me and discover the existence of mermaids!

This is a picture of a mermaid's body that scientists found from a shark's stomach

This is a recreation of what a mermaid may look like. (Look somehow like Avatar, maybe James Cameron had seen mermaids before.)


  1. I watched this on Animal Planet and i believe they axsist..

  2. this thing is soooooo wierdly scary.!

  3. do u have extra copy of the above video..
    do this video plays in ur country?..

      does this link works?
      sorry about the removed video! That was posted an year ago.